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Topic:   How many Levels in Bill of Materials

By: AlanPosted on: Apr 26 2017 at 03:00:23 PM
I'm looking at purchasing your program for my small fab shop. How many level does the BOM support? It looks like 3 from what I can tell. I typically work with 5. Top_01_Model Master, 02_Assemblies, 03_Weldments, 04_Components, 05_Raw Materials or Purchased Parts. Thank you

By: AlanPosted on: Apr 26 2017 at 09:10:41 PM
I think I found my answer. The 3 "types" are for inventory purposes. The demo says there is no limit to the number of levels in the BOM. I'll download the trial and give it a shot. Looks like what I've been looking for in simplicity and cost.

By: SupportPosted on: May 3 2017 at 12:44:32 PM
I did answer this a few days ago but now I see that my post didn't get saved for some reason.


The "3" you mention is not the number of levels. It's just a designation that directs MiniMRP how to blow down through a multilevel assembly. Currently we have 3 types.

1. ASSY (A normal assembly that is 'exploded' in a BOM. This means it is assumed that the assembly does not exist in your inventory and, when the top level product is flushed through the system, all the items in the next level are taken out of the inventory to build the higher level item.

2. CSAS A "Closed Sub Assembly". This is an assembly that is assumed to be available in your inventory. When you flush the top level assembly MiniMRP will assume that CSAS sub assemblies are pre-assembled in your inventory waiting to be taken 'off the shelf'.

3. PART. A simple component taken 'off the shelf'.

Many people use the word "Phantom" to indicate (sub) assemblies that exist on a BOM but which do not exist in your inventory - ie they're built as part of the top level work order. We use the difference between ASSY/CSAS to achieve the same thing.

To answer your question about number of levels. When you're working in the Assembly editor it is possible to insert an assembly inside itself which would create an infinite loop. To protect against an infinite loop MiniMRP stops when it steps down 20 levels. In fact you can go beyond 20 but it'll prompt for confirmation each level. So, if pushed, I'd say that the number of levels is 20 but you can go further if your really (really) want to.

If anyone would rather we did the block at a higher number than 20 then please let us know. It's not written in stone.

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Topic:- How many Levels in Bill of Materials

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