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Topic:   Import Assembly from CSV or XML

By: GuyPosted on: Feb 9 2017 at 02:35:50 PM
I can create structured CSV or XML files that represent a full hierarchical BoM from our CAD system. Is there a way to import that in miniMRP such that assemblies would not have to be hand built?

By: GuestPosted on: Feb 10 2017 at 06:03:52 PM
Assemblies can be imported.

First the assembly's part number must exist in MiniMRP. If it doesn't exist then go to 'Assemblies' in the main menu and select 'Create New Assembly'. Enter at least the part number and description. Save that and bring up the list of 'All Assemblies'.

To the left of each row is a small [>] button. Click that and select the option to "Read PartsList/BOM from CSV".

You can now import the parts list.

This can only import a single level so if the product is a multiLevel BOM then do the above for each sub assembly. Then do the top level.

That sounds a little long winded but once you've done it a couple of times you'll see it's quite quick.

Of course once a sub assembly has been imported (if it's a common sub assembly used in other products/assemblies) then you don't need to re-import the sub assembly every time. Just import the parent and that will connect to previously created sub assemblies.

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Topic:- Import Assembly from CSV or XML

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