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Topic:   Multi bin locations

By: GuestPosted on: Jan 20 2017 at 10:50:26 AM
on a single partcode (1 inventory) due to the amount of stock, this is spread over multi bin locations. when looking at the inventory there is only provision to enter 1 bin location (standard)

By: SupportPosted on: Jan 23 2017 at 11:35:36 AM
It's a strange question.

My first thought was that you could simply overflow onto a neighboring shelf and a person going to shelf A1 would see that the item had overflowed into A2 and take from there as well. But I immediately thought that that is not a good solution at all especially if neighboring shelves contain items that are visually very similar but functionally very different.

The obvious fix is to have MiniMRP capable of storing the same item in multiple BINs but then we'd also need the ability to show the total quantity of the item as well as the quantity in each BIN. Also, a BOM/Pick List would need to be smart enough to list the various BINs in the pick list. For example if the BOM called for 20 of the component but shelf A1 only contained 17 then the pick list would need to indicate that the picker is to pick a quantity of 17 from BIN A1 and a quantity of 3 from BIN A2 (or C5 or wherever the overflow was stored)

It really does get very messy very quickly and, I feel it adds too much complexity to a 'Mini' mrp.

A "partial" solution would be to use one of the Custom Fields (See the custom-Fields tab in the item detail)

You could label one of the custom fields "Alternate BIN" or "OverFlow BIN". That column could then be exposed on BOMs and Pick Lists etc.

I said "Partial" solution because MiniMRP would still only show the total quatity and assume all are available in the main BIN and could NOT automatically tell a picker how many to pick from each location. But, at least, the pick list would show the alternate location telling the picker where to find more once the main location is depleted.

So, the custom field is simply a comment/note telling a user where to look if the main shelf is empty.

I'm not sure if that solution would work for you?

The 'Enterprise' edition of MiniMRP is capable of storing the same item in up to 6 different locations. But MiniMRP assumes these locations are entirely different sites so I don't think it would serve your purpose.

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Topic:- Multi bin locations

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