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Topic:   Multiple currency

By: JohnPosted on: Nov 27 2017 at 07:01:26 PM
1. How do I put the currency on each item?
2. The invoice doesn't have a currency code.

By: SupportPosted on: Nov 28 2017 at 03:52:57 PM

In the current 'Enterprise' version the currency is only available for Purchasing (items from vendors). That is so that MiniMRP can calculate the build-cost of an assembly even if the components used to build that assembly come from different suppliers in different currencies.

MiniMRP doesn't do anything with currencies on Sales Orders/Invoices. A currency on sales would not affect any Build-Costs or Inventory Valuation report. MniMRP is primarily a manufacturing tool - not a sales/accounting tool.

When you create an invoice you can enter something into the comments box of the invoice telling your customer what currency the invoice is in.

However, Version 5 (due in a few months) will show a currency code on invoices as well in that customers can be setup with a default currency code that will be used on all sales to that customer. But, as mentioned above, it's not going to affect anything like work orders or stock valuation reports. It's just a label that appears on an invoice.

By: JohnPosted on: Nov 28 2017 at 04:06:49 PM
Thanks that's what I need.

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Topic:- Multiple currency

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