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Topic:   Version 5 software

By: GuestPosted on: Jan 3 2018 at 02:46:35 PM
i see from other posts your releasing a new version of the software, we heavily use the version 4 in our production and it great but slightly limited especially as regards production planning as you have to plan based on everything now, could you give a taster of what new features this will offer over version 4 ? one thing that would be really great is if there was an assembly tree that when you clicked to generate works orders at the top of the tree it generated a hyperlinked tree of all downstream parts and subassembly's inside it and gave the option to allow you to generate works orders for those sub assemblies (and ideally tree down from that if theres sub assemblies inside those) and as i'm in wish mode if it also turned parts and assemblies red if they were below the required number to build the assembly and a different colour if there was partially enough for the batch (we'll say on hand stock, however if it was able to use build date as the marker and look deeper and use dates from expected purchase order deliveries for planning production even better!)

By: SupportPosted on: Jan 4 2018 at 12:35:15 PM
We haven't got any fixed release date for v5. Things have been delayed because of Licencing issues with Oracle. (v5 will support the MySQL database)

The "hyperlinked tree" sounds good but you need to bear in mind that if your sub assemblies are normal assemblies (Type=ASSY) then they are already part of the current BOM/Works Order so should not be built again in separate works orders - otherwise you'll build them twice.

But if your sub assemblies are what we call 'Closed Sub Assemblies' (Type=CSAS) then they would need to be built on separate works orders and a way to, semi-automatically, create works orders for those sub assemblies could be a nice feature.

Having said that I'm not sure if it should be a clickable link in the BOM. For example what about situations where you have a number of Works order for different products that all call for the same, common, sub assembly. You might have some of the sub assemblies on the shelf waiting to be used but not enough for all works orders. Wouldn't it be better if the clickable link was in the main shortage report that takes all pending works orders and current inventory into consideration?

By: GuestPosted on: Mar 5 2018 at 08:19:45 AM
If Oracle is holding you up maybe better to bypass the requirement for a license:
Either use an ODBC framework to support MySQL and/or other database back-ends, or use the LGPL-licensed MariaDB Connector/C, which only requires you to distribute the client library as a separate DLL

By: GuestPosted on: Apr 9 2018 at 02:57:02 AM
The tree creation of works orders would be great for us too. Definitely on my wish list as a time saver :)

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